Varbox is the leading company in the construction of post boxes

100% Aluminium

Thanks to our technological innovation, we are able to offer products of the highest quality while also providing a wide range of post boxes and lockers suitable for indoor and outdoor environments – made of 100% aluminium.

We pay close attention to the smallest of details necessary to refine our products. By determining the ideal materials, we can ensure longevity as well as high resistance to corrosion for our premium post boxes while maintaining the beautiful appearance of the aluminium exterior.

We are committed to guaranteeing a fast service and collaborating with our customers to establish the design of the product in line with the style of the environment – emphasising the quality and the attention to detail of our post boxes.

Design, creation and construction of letterboxes, advertising racks and accessories for meeting the needs of the market

Not only do we design and create premium products, but also inherent to the installation process, solving customer specific problems and furthering our research in hopes of mastering the craft while meeting the needs of the market. We are an ever growing company, founded in 1999, boasting 2 decades of experience and dedication to our infamous post boxes. We are continuously refining our manufacturing process and improving our product design with close attention to detail.

Thanks to innovative machinery resulting in the development of the latest and greatest metal processing technologies, we utilise the latest generation tools and machinery to distribute a product that is impeccable in every aspect. Made in Italy – We guarantee all of our parts are domestically produced! All of our products are made in our headquarters in the province of Milan utilising materials of the highest quality.

We guarantee the best aluminium is used in the production of our post boxes, notice boards, storage boxes and aluminium lockers. This allows us to deliver products of exceptional quality that are manufactured specifically in Italy. The production line has been organised to create a wide array of post boxes and other accessories, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction. The aforementioned cutting-edge machinery and profound experience gained over the years guarantees robust and durable products. Every product has been perfected down to the smallest detail, from the design phase to the completed product.

Attention to detail

With the aid of satin finish and varnish, coupled with high quality materials, our post boxes can withstand the test of time. The likes of wind and rain cannot damage our post boxes and thanks to the high quality finish, our post boxes will maintain its colour and shiny appearance for years to come. Our company aims to satisfy the needs of every customer, whether it is a private individual or a large corporation. The creating, designing, construction, shipping, or assembly and installation on site are the stages we carry while carefully taking into consideration our client’s needs.

We ensure every custom post box suits the environment aesthetically! You can customise your post box to your liking by filling in our customise your post box form to perfectly match the style of your environment, whether it is the colour, size or number of doors.

The orders we receive from our customers are often specific to their needs/requirements. Varbox will quickly and efficiently manage orders to meet and exceed customer expectations. We guarantee a swift service thanks to our effective post box production line allowing us to minimise waste and save time.


Production in harmony with the environment

Thanks to the wide range of models that we offer, our post boxes can be customised on request with over 100 RAL colours available. Our post boxes are compliant with the regulations according to the EN 13724 standards.

The use of aluminium and eco-compatible materials that uses solar energy which delivers low environmental impact, meaning Varbox is able to manufacture products in harmony with the environment, creating modern and innovative standard post boxes or customised post boxes on request.

VARBOX, the value of Made in Italy


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